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Are you 'MANIC' for your dogs?  Well I am sure am!  

Hi, I am Cheri and just like you, I have Wonderful Dogs that I am 'CRAZY' about.  This site was created because I love all kinds of 'Dog Gear' & enjoy spending time & playing with my Dogs.  Dogs bring joy to our lives & so they should be rewarded.

I am happy to bring you all the Great Quality Dog Gear that every Doggie deserves.  



~ Molly the Old Engligh Sheep'adoodle~



Our Latest addition to the family, Mack!

Mack is from MARS: Midwest Animal Rescue Services.

He is about a year old & spunky ( 2yrs old April 2014) ~  We don't know his breed, Possibly a

Norfolk Terrier mix with ice blue eyes.  (Husky mix maybe?)

M.A.R.S. saved him from an Ohio shelter, but don't have any other info about him.  

Super glad he made it to MN, just in time!!





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